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Why choose the Balkans – What is the Balkans?

Mysterious and not so familiar the Balkan Peninsula is located in the Southeast Europe and it encompasses ex-Yugoslavia countries, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria (and according to some, even the territory of Hungary). This territory is the meeting place of many nations, different religions, cultures, scents, colours, tastes and sounds. The Balkans as such, represents the lifeline of old Europe. It is a place where destinies of many countries intertwined and in such a way formed the borders of many countries. The Balkan Peninsula was a stage for many important changes; a place where Europe’s, and even the world’s history, has been changing frequently with unthinkable consequences.
It is a place where different cultures meet, where Western Christianity met Oriental Islam, where Austro-Hungarian Europe met the Slavic nations, and in these sometimes painful meetings, the Slaves have strengthen their roots and step by step gotten to know and built their sense of freedom, of cultural identity, strived for independence and strengthened their spirit of resistance. The eternal fire in their hearts which bonds and links this region becomes the source of life strength of all people on this territory; it becomes their courage, determination, their energy and their spirit.
To understand the Balkans, it is necessary to start this voyage with an open heart, to let go to your senses and in return you will receive an unbelievable richness which will fill your mind and soul, as well as a unique experience that you will remember forever. .

Discovering the Balkans is like discovering yourself, when you are rediscovering those true primordial values. To visit the Balkans means to visit the rich traditions and almost magical landscapes which will fascinate you. Without a shadow of a doubt, nowhere in the world will you come across such beautiful landscapes which resemble the stunning canvases painted by remarkable impressionist artists which will fill your heart and soul. Take some time to stop and listen to the sounds of the Balkans and the play of its enchanting roman violins, smell the spices and taste the food that will fill your taste buds and enjoy with a glass of magical local wines.
Apart from everything else, to explore the magic of the Balkans means to understand and not to judge. Breathe in and dive in the unique beauty of the magical Balkans.

About Us



M-G Express is a limited liability company for tourist and transport activities founded on 16th November, 1992 and activated in May 1994. The sole founder is Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac, the director of the company to this day.
M-G Express is both a sole trade for tourist activities and a destination management company with its headquarters in Brajkovići 31 / 52352 Kanfanar – Istria – Croatia.
It is not an easy task to present M-G EXPRESS. Its path of success is long and paved with hard work, worldly events, both successes as well as defeats which tale a tale of love and passion for tourism.

M-G EXPRESSS deals with the organisation of a large number of tourist services for both groups and individual guests (complete arrangements, hotel reservations, daily trips, lunches/dinners, folklore events and other services such as tourist guide services, sale of tickets, transfers, transport and other things). Its programmes are recommended to guests who have a desire to discover, to get to know and combine all secrets of the beautiful Croatia as well as of other countries of ex-Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.
M-G EXPRESS is specialized for receptive business activities for guests from the French speaking territory from Europe and Quebec – Canada (even though it is also doing business with clients from other countries) and group arrangements while the same attention is given to both individual guests, family and business trips.
M-G EXPRESS has, year after year, despite the great economic crisis and the global decrease of the demand for tourist services, been operating well, promoting the Croatian tourist potential and the potential of the South-eastern European countries.

Our history

The success of the company can be additionally confirmed by taking a look at the list of associations this company is a member, as well as by looking at numerous rewards it has received: Since 2005 the company is a signatory of the Code of Business Ethics at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, for which it has also received a Charter of the CCE.
In 2006, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac was awarded a Plaque for the most successful entrepreneur of the year by the Institute for Business Research and was at the same time registered in the Golden Book of the best Croatian

entrepreneurs and managers.
The same recognition and the Plaque was awarded to Ms. Baćac for the year 2010, 2012 and 2013. Apart from the recognition itself, she was given a prize and the right to use the stamp „The Best Croatian Entrepreneur in 2012 and 2013 which can be put on all official documents.
In 2008, the director, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac, was invited by the Canadian tourist company from Montreal, Chanteclerc, to participate in the workshops held in Montreal and other towns in Quebec, and on this occasion she presented the Croatian tourist potentials.
In the same year, M-G Express has together with the tourist company Chanteclerc, organized the visit of thirteen representatives of Canadian tour-operators in Croatia and on that occasion it has presented the numerous potential cooperation methods in the best possible way. The whole project was very successful and one of its results is a long-term cooperation with the agency Chanteclerc, one of the biggest tour-operators of the French speaking territory in Quebec in Canada. Thanks to a great cooperation with Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac and her wholehearted commitment, the company Chanteclerc has placed Croatia on the map as one of the new top destinations, a picture of Rovinj on the front page of a tourist catalogue "Mediterranee" for the year 2008/2009 and dedicated the first seven pages of the catalogue to Croatia.
In 2009, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac, the director, was awarded a Small Plaque of the Municipality of Kanfanar for extraordinary results in the promotion of tourism.
The tourist agency M-G Express is a member of the UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies) since 2011.
In 2011, the Company has from the Ministry of Tourism received irreversible means for the development and improvement of a programme within the tender “Get to know Croatia”.
In 2012, the Company has from the Ministry of Tourism received irreversible means for the tender One step higher for the financing of the project Greenfield Glamping on the territory of the Municipality of Kanfanar.
Since 2012, the Company has become a full-time member of EOS CODE.
Also, in 2012.; 2013.; 2014.; 2015.; 2016. i 2017. the company M-G Express was awarded the Certificate of excellence of category A and it has become a member of a group of Croatian business entities which are authorised for the use of the status A as the symbol of highest excellence.
On 3rd August, 2013, Ms. Maria-Gracia Baćac has successfully passed the exam for the sustainability coordinator (Travelife Manager )
In April 2014, the Agency M-G EXPRESS was awarded the certificate ISO 9001:2008 which guarantees the quality of the business operation.
In December 2014, M-G EXPRESS was awarded the Certificate of membership of the Travelife Partner Programme. The awarding of this certificate was a big desire of Ms. Maria-Gracia Baćac as it stands as proof of development of ecological and social awareness of her company. It is the type of development she is personally promoting since 2010, not only in her own company but with her partners and the local community as well. This is the reason why she has chosen the Travelife system which emphasizes the social and ecological responsibility in corporate management and sustainable tourist development.
Travelife is a socially responsible way of doing business and sustainability in tourism. Sustainable tourism doesn’t have to be complicated..
Tourism which helps in the creation of better living areas and places to visit
- Minimization of environmental effects;
- Improvement of the local economy through tourism;
- Respect of the local tradition and culture.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept in which companies integrate the care of society and the environment into their business activity and in the relations with their stakeholders on the voluntary basis. The objective of the CSR is to accept the responsibility for the company’s actions and with its activities induce a positive effect on the environment, consumers, employees, communities and other relevant participants.
Promoviranje razvoja održivog, odgovornog i visokokvalitetnog turizma je jedan od četiri glavna prioriteta u EU.
Promotion of sustainable development, responsible and high-quality tourism is one of the four main priorities of the EU. The number of tour-operators which accept and apply the principles of corporate social responsibility is on the rise, which means that soon even the contracts will contain a clause of corporate social responsibility for their suppliers and that “irresponsible” suppliers will be in an unfavourable position.
Travelife is:
- A widespread European system of management of corporate social responsibility
- Used by over 200 tour-operators (including the largest companies such as TUI, Thompson, Kuoni)
- t includes over 1000 hotels
- Compatible with ISO 14001, EMAS III, ISO 26001 and OECD guidelines
- One of the 15 standards in the world recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council
In 2015, the project "Terra Nostra " Luxury Wellbeing Glamping Resort Istria Croatia was set in motion. The construction of the tourist complex of the highest class with the accommodation capacity of fifty guests, all in accordance with the most modern trends in tourism, one such being glamorous camping. The project has full support of the local and regional community, as well as of the Ministry of Tourism.
In 2014, M-G EXPRESS was awarded the Certificate DMC Specialist (Destination Management Company) for the Istrian and Kvarner Region.
n 2014, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac was invited by the Croatian Chamber of Economy of the Istrian Region to participate on the 12th International Ecology Fair EKOBIS which took place in Bihać in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the theme of which was sustainable development and ecological tourism. The director presented the project ''Terra Nostra''.
In 2015, M-G EXPRESS was awarded the Certificate Foreign Market Specialist (Foreign Markets Travel) for France and Canada.
Since May 2015, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac is a member of the General Committee of the Local Action Group of Southern Istria as a representative for Small-size entrepreneurs.
Since 2015, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac is the vice-president of UPA (Association of Travel Agencies) at the CCE of Istria for Special Tourist Markets.
Since June 2015, Ms Maria-Gracia Baćac is a member of the Supervisory Board of UHPA
The Travel Agency M-G EXPRESS was named the third Best Micro Destination Manager Company in Croatia at the annual “Days of Croatian Tourism” awards ceremony, sponsored by the Croatian Tourist Board, the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. The annual event, which features the country’s largest gathering of tourism professionals, was held on October 26 and 27 2016 in the town of Bol on the island of Brač. It recognizes all that is best about Croatia, including best destination, sustainable tourism, attractions, and people who have had a positive impact on the industry.
In May 2017, the travel agency M-G EXPRESS received as first company in Croatia the TOP100 certificate for its good reputation. The certificate is issued by the company "Reputation Companies" of the Delaware U.S.
One of the key principles which have always led our company is the faith in our products, good quality relations with our business partners and above all, professional, quality and ethical business operation.
This is the reason why our clients trust us and why they keep coming back to our company with and why they recommend our services to others.
We are always at the service of our clients as we wish to fulfil their dreams. It is a difficult task, but there is no better job than being a successful “Sale representative of Dreams”.

Feel free to trustingly contact us and your dreams will become a reality.

Our info

Tourist agency for tourism and trade
Brajkovići 31 52352 Kanfanar – HRVATSKA
Temeljni kapital je 20.000,00 Kn plaćen u cijelosti
Head of branch: Maria-Gracia Baćac
Director and Authorized Representative Company
Tel 00 385 (0) 52 848 149
Fax 00 385 (0) 52 848 225
Mob 00 385 (0) 98 92 12 900
E-mail: info@mgexpress.hr
Web page: www.mgexpress.hr
OIB: 63930375762

MB 0619388
MBS 040135035
EUID: HRSR.040135035
ID Kod: HR-AB-52-040135035
PDV ID: HR63930375762
Gyro account HR 97 2402 0061 1000 4831 6
Kod Erste & Steiermarkische Bank DD Rijeka
IBAN CODE HR22 2402 0061 5000 1073 6
Commercial Court in Rijeka permanent branch of Pazin 040135035
Board member: Maria-Gracia Baćac
Work with clients exclusively upon a previous request and arrangement.

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- Bussines terms
- Privola GDPR
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- Zaštita osobnih podataka

Državni inspektorat - Turistička inspekcija
Šubićeva 29
10000 Zagreb
E-mail: turisticka.inspekcija@dirh.hr
Tel: 00385 1 2375 100



Get in Touch


If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to pre notate an appointment please call us, or alternately, email us your phone number and a convenient time to reach you, and we will gladly phone you back.

Our working hours are flexible and guests are received by appointment. We are always open to new business ideas and opportunities.

Contact Details

  • Maria Gracia Baćac
  • E-Mail:
  • Cell: ++385 98 92 12 900
  • Tel: ++385 52 848 149


Company Details

  • M-G EXPRESS d.o.o.
  • Brajkovići 31
  • 52352 Kanfanar – Istra – Croatia
  • OIB: 63930375762
  • MB: 0619388
  • ID Kod: HR-AB-52-040135035
  • PDV ID: HR63930375762
  • Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d.
  • Account number: HR97 2402 0061 1000 4831 6
  • E-Mail:
  • Tel: ++385 52 848 149
  • Fax: ++385 52 848 225